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When Patience is Not a Virtue………

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They often say; patience is a virtue and impatience a vice
But I ponder this; that there is a negative side to patience
And a positive side to the impatience that frequently burdens my soul.

Someone tell me how to be patient with injustice
With sufferings and distortions of truth?
Someone tell me why I shouldn’t strive
To cultivate and nurture my impatience
Like it were the only redeeming virtue
In a world hurtling towards a destructive precipice.

A world in which common sense is on exile
The much despised pariah – no one seeks
Good and bad morphed beyond all recognition of what they really are
What’s good is bad and what’s bad is really good
Where the mad and the insane govern the sober and the just
Freedom wails in captivity against those who claim to legislate for it
The virtuous and their virtues in a flight of extinction.

As the debased and their debauchery take pride of place
On life’s stage of the absurd
A world seeking to marginalise and to muzzle those like me
To stifle our thoughts and our vocality
Impatience seeps through my every pore
I cannot contain it. I refuse to let you constrict me
You who decide to shun truth for its alternative
Alternative truth, alternative facts, alternative reality
Soon we’ll be living an alternative humanity
That is the precipice I fear; that looms near
Yet you want to choke-hold me?

For so long you’ve force-fed me
Your branded religion of political correctness and it’s ilk
But deny me true freedom to express my own inner religion
How can that be? A world at risk of its own self-mutilation
If I live my life denying me, how can I learn to affirm you?
Tell me why I shouldn’t be impatient
With the senseless, the vapid and the aberrant?
Of what good my patience if it only breeds in me
A stupor of apathy, indifference or worse?
I burn as much with compassion as I burn with indignation
It’s all within. A human reservoir in internal conflict
Conflicted by the confluence of my joy and my pain.
Am I the guilty or the acquitted?

Yes, I ponder these things and I say to you just as I say to me
Patience is certainly not my virtue; it has become my vice
Who has dared cage truth? Who qualifies you, me or anyone to?
Impatience is no vice but instead the virtue
That saves me turning a blind eye
To the reprehensible and the repugnant
Or a deaf ear to the pleas of an emasculated truth
Fast becoming a shadow of its former self; as injustice shrieks
Impatience; the virtue that rescues me from becoming laissez-faire
With the indefensible, the unjust, the untrue and the inhumane
And all the other things I find worrisome within me, around me
And with the world we live in
So, I choose to nurture and to celebrate impatience – my saving virtue.

by Kobi Emmanuella-King
From ‘Conversations with My Soul Self‘

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