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There’s Something About the Music

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There’s something about the music
That makes my heart flutter
With the memory of one moment in time
Of many once upon many times
There’s something about the beat
That just gets me on my feet
I’m on the dance floor
It feels like it’s just me and the beat
Dancing into times past
And into the future
Where dreams collide.

Rhythm that gives me the groove
Lyrics that kill softly
Sometimes it’s haunting
Perhaps a love song
Sometimes it’s soulful
Perhaps it’s the blues
Or the jazzy strings
Sometimes pure infused energy
And don’t even get me started with gospel
As I lift up my hands in crazy praise!

There’s something about the music
A fusion of intricate harmony
Instrumented expression
In every chord
I just can’t keep still
I must dance it away
Somebody take me on
I dance to express
The passion that flows seamlessly
From the beat through to me
To do the beat some justice
Expressing in movement
What I understand
The beat is doing to me.

The African energy in me
Is never prouder
Than to be challenged by the beat
Rhythm provocation I call it
As evocative as it is allusive
Sometimes moving me to tears
At other times moving me to love
Teasing my vulnerability
The part of me I can’t hide
When the stroking of the chords
Pervades the senses
There’s a side of me
That only music can stir
It’s in the strokes
It’s in the blend
It’s in the reminiscence.

Soft words of raw emotion
It’s in vibrant fiery energy
Power in rhythm and in its beat
It’s in the soulful crooning of the crooner
Reliving moments I never really forgot
Transported through waves of sound
To the best of my many pasts
It’s a love pact with expression and sound
Interlocked and concentric.

Not everything can be expressed with words
So give me the music
And I’ll show you
My outlet for the verbally inexpressible
There’s no time for misery’s company
When the beat is upon me
Bring it on
I’ll give you dance swag
Rhythmic attitude
Like I hadn’t a care in the world
And the world didn’t have a care on me
It’s always party time, when the beat is on.

Life takes on a new meaning
When there’s music in it
Will you dance with me?
When the rhythm irresistibly beckons
For there’s something about the music
I’ve just got to express
What it means to me
I’ll dance in rhythm
What you meant to me
When words alone
Failed to amply interpret
There’ll always be something about the music
In the words of the ABBA song:
‘So I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me’

‘Something About the Music’
by Kobi Emmanuella-King

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