Myth & Deception – The Gospel of Political Correctness

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  1. Thou shalt see the blood of innocents being systematically spilled on our streets by those practising the ideology of hatred and murder and shall remain wilfully ignorant of the connection between the atrocities they commit and the aspects of the faith and the professed religion by which they commit their evil acts.
  2. You shall maintain that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ and make it your political mantra at odds with the fact that as a Christian nation such as ours we should instead be asserting Christianity as the religion of peace. The religion that preaches ‘Thou shalt turn the other cheek’ ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and ‘Thou shalt not repay good with evil’ shall strangely be overlooked as the religion of peace in preference for the one that gives conditions for Jihad that is subject to its own ideological interpretations.
  3. Your so-called pussy cat Christian politicians shall exhibit their ignorance as they constantly rise to the defence of a religion they do not truly understand and whose tenets they do not practise. Yet the one religion they should understand because they are either born into it, married and buried into it, they shall refrain from defending or upholding.
  4. Thou shalt claim that because most Muslims are peaceful, it automatically means their religion is peaceful. It may well be so that it is a religion of peace but charity begins at home. I would exhaust praise for the official religion of the nation and the Queen before defending the religion I have not practiced nor fully know.
  5. Thou shalt permit Islamic political and clergy leaders the platform to promote their pro-Islamic stances while subtly denying the same consideration to Christian clergy and politicians in the public domain.
  6. Thou shalt permit the gradual desecration and erosion of our Christian social heritage and beliefs in the name of multi culturalism and all forms of other strange isms.
  7. Thou shalt hear truth and label those who are proponents of truth with a phobia. Likewise you shall love and embrace deception as your fact and shall in fact practise it as a perfected art.
  8. Thou shalt hear, see and suffer from the wickedness of all this deception around and thou shalt still refrain from calling a spade by its proper name. Instead thou shall claim that your blindness are acts of prudence. Your foolishness shall be considered a demonstration of respect for human rights.
  9. Thou shalt say we are a secular society and therefore we don’t ‘do’ God but when we or our loved ones die we will be committed then to the God we denied daily in our lives and in our society. At death, we who claim not to ‘do’ God shall in truth be committed back to earth in the name of God as hymns of God and faith are sung over our lifeless bodies. The one who believes in God shall officiate at our funerals and shall commit our souls to the God we say we don’t ‘do’ or don’t believe in. Yet we say we don’t ‘do’ God. Oh yes, even in death we shall indeed ‘do’ God.
  10. At the expense of your own norms and values thou shalt bend over backwards to accommodate the norms and values of those that won’t do the same for yours were they given the chance.
  11. Thou shall see and hear of the systematic slaughter and persecution of Christians and will not find a phobia to label these acts of atrocities, but those who sometimes with justification express even mildly anti-Islamic views, you shall rush to label as Islamophobic or worse.
  12. For reasons of selfish economic and political interest, thou shalt invade and provoke factional wars and conflicts in troubled lands afar and call this liberation for the advancement of civilisation. When in turn they hate you and make your invasion a political cause for their Jihad; when they come after you to kill you on your own soil as you killed them on theirs, you call it depraved. Yes indeed, it is but you started it.
  13. Thou shalt tell us that church attendance is on the decline when the truth is simply that white church attendance alone is on the decline. The seats and pews of our pentecostal, evangelical and black churches are filled to capacity each Sunday praying for salvation from the politically correct dogma of many white churches that have lost their way trying to embrace all values and all beliefs, to please all perspectives. No indeed, church attendance is not on the decline. Rather church attendance by white people is on the decline for the spineless, wishy-washy doctrines that have persistently stripped away at the very essence of the faith until there is little left to follow. Flawed as it is, the black church is not in decline both worldwide and here in the UK. Speak for yourselves who make these spurious claims and not for the overall body.
  14. Thou shalt spend public funds funding all forms of deradicalization programmes when the truth is that they hate our guts for the sake of their ideological beliefs full stop. If the food, welfare, housing, education, employment and freedoms they and their families had access to all this while could not eradicate the hate within them, it is highly unlikely that these deradicalization programmes will succeed.
  15. Thou shalt fail to understand and accept that just as in an Islamic country, their Islamic norms and customs take precedence as they should, likewise in our Christian country, so should Christian norms and customs prevail and take its own precedence over others in matters of national interest and consideration. This should not be construed as anything other than the logical way it should be. Nor should it be regarded as undermining of the Islamic or any other faith for that matter.
  16. You shall know for a fact that there are killers in our midst who hate and are inclined to do us harm if given half the chance yet you shall be more concerned about their human rights than you are concerned about the human rights of innocent people who end up as their hapless victims.
  17. Thou shalt condemn, harass and label the church that makes a moral stand based on biblical teachings but will not dare to do the same to mosques that take a similar stance.
  18. Thou shalt tell us that we are barbaric parents when we choose to smack our kids and to show them tough love as our way of discipline. When we do, you criminalize us and even take our kids away. Yet when they grow up to face the harsh realities of life and find they cannot cope, not only do you deal with them harshly, you slap jail sentences on them. Which then is harsher, the smacks of a loving parent or the cold reality of a harsh prison sentence and the ruthlessness of an unforgiving world.
  19. Thou shalt take away the powers of our teachers to properly discipline their students and thou shalt spend endless amounts of public funds scapegoating our teachers with needless investigations and enquiries and then wonder why these same monsters you have created attack their teachers or even murder their peers.
  20. You shall recklessly permit the most extreme forms of violence and sexual permissiveness on our TV screens for our youngsters to imbibe but you shall take offence ad complain should a harmless Christian based programme or teaching be screened on a mainstream channel.
  21. Thou shall tell us that Islamic and western values are compatible with each other when they are not for the question is not one of compatibility but more a question of tolerance between the faiths. But rather than emphasise this fact you shall interpret the need for mutual tolerance as a definitive declaration of compatibility between two sets of values that are fundamentally dissimilar in their cultural, societal and moral form of expression.
  22. Thou shalt be neglectful with respect to all of the above yet still wonder why our streets and cities are becoming tragic death traps, why we are overwhelmingly infiltrated by those who live in our midst yet hate us for our generosity and acceptance, why our sons and daughters have no respect for authority in schools, homes and on the streets, why our children are themselves begetting children, why our youths are being knifed to death by their fellow youths and why our black youths are becoming murderous gangsters, why our prison cells are populated with people addicted to crime and criminal behaviour etc. As we have taken God and the heritage of our Christian faith and traditions away from our everyday lives claiming that we don’t do God so also has this same God we refuse to ‘do’ disappeared from our hearts and consciences and that of our children.
  23. And that is why as the years progress, Western civilisation as we know it might well go into serious decline. Those who are as prepared to die for their beliefs as we are prepared to sell ours for illusion and gimmickry will have exhausted vengeance upon our streets, towns and way of life. When they become the dominant force over our hitherto feeble attempts to retain our socio-cultural identity, then we shall scuttle off to the north, south, east and west regions of the earth as the hinted ones and we shall observe that our prized democracy and religious freedoms are in decline with no real place to call our cultural home; Just as we previously bent over backwards to accommodate those who hated us so we shall crouch and cower in fear from them as we plead to be accommodated by them. It shall be the irony of our glorious western cultural existence that history once again shall raise its lament as to how the mighty have fallen.
  24. Then you will seek the God that you once scorned and shunned but the only God that will be offered you will be the one in the mosques where in its place were once churches and in the regions where the symbol of the Cross was once not considered an offence but has now become one. You will hunt for the God that your ancestors fought to discover but only at peril of the sword and to your destruction shall you find Him. Then it shall dawn on you that in the time of your great folly, truth indeed wept as deception stealthily encroached. Yet you kept lame, mute, deaf and dumb to the hell that was breaking loose all around you. Perhaps then the doctrine of your political correctness will have outspent itself to gleeful satisfaction and the generations to come shall have nothing but the tragedy of cultural emasculation that you bequeathed them.
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