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My Politics, My Truth – The ‘Tragedy’ of the Manchester Tragedy

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It must have dawned on us by now that much as we might reduce the number of terrorist perpetrators and incidents in our midst, radical Islamic terrorism may never be wiped out and we may never be rid of those who in hatred wish to cause us maximum harm. So, it is about time that the government began to explore ways of making our roads and our public transportation routes much safer.Heightened police and military presence can only be for a period and can only be deployed to strategic spots. There is no doubt in my mind that public transportation remains an easy target and will only be a matter of time before some lunatic decides to launch either a lone or collaborated and concerted attack on some form of public transportation or in another packed arena. The government cannot overlook this potential threat or delude themselves into thinking that police intelligence alone will suffice in minimising these threats. Neither will defiant outbursts about how love conquers hate etc etc. Yes it does but in the process of love trying to conquer the hate confronting us precious lives are being lost to wanton acts of terrorism. Statements like that give me no reassurance. I doubt it does others either.  

At the moment anyone with a rucksack, a bag or something strapped to themselves can easily pass through the ticket barriers at stations and on trains. If technology could be developed to have barriers at stations that only allow those with valid tickets to go through, then certainly technology that has sensors to detect certain dangerous components on a person or on the bags they carry could also be developed. So when people go through the barriers they are not only checked for valid tickets, but also sensored for dangerous weapons and components. Will it stop the die-hardterrorists? Not likely, but it will make it more difficult for them and easier perhaps to be intercepted and by so doing perhaps prevent greater loss of lives. We cannot leave our fates and that of our loved ones to the mercy of those who intend to destroy us. We must aim to be a step ahead always, however costly this proves. It will be worth it just to save more lives. I think this will be a much more befitting tribute to the families who mourn the loss of their loved ones and to the memory of those who have perished through acts of terrorism than the customary rhetoric and expressions of horror and disgust we have come to expect in the aftermath of such incidents with not much being done beyond depending on police intelligence. 

Finally, nothing can alleviate the grief of those impacted one way or another by the Manchester tragedy. Life once gone cannot be reclaimed. This is what makes it so imperative for society and government to leave no stone unturned to ensure that as much as possible these occurrences do not become the order of the day for the way we live and interact. What is now fact is that the world has indeed changed, not for the better in terms of security and safety.Our societies are under attack and we must reflect this understanding by our scaled up capacity to addressthese challenges through appropriate proactive and pre-emptive measures; not just reactive words or knee jerk solutions. Society must be protected from the dangers it faces at the hands of those who want to make us extinct. To do anything less would be just as great an injustice to us and those who have gone too soon as is the injustice perpetrated by an unintercepted terrorist act that callously took precious lives away.



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