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My Politics, My Truth – The ‘Tragedy’ of the Manchester Tragedy

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Why then is it that almost all the incidents of terrorism that the world has experienced in recent times and as far as I can remember have all been committed by those who profess to be committing their atrocities in the name of ‘Allah’, and for the propagation of Islam? Why, the horrific events of the Twin Tower terrorist attacks, whyAl Qaeda? Why Hamas? Why Hezbollah? Why Al-Shabaab? Why Boko Haram, to mention a few? Boko Haram over the past few years has in my home nation of Nigeria, committed some of the vilest and most repugnant atrocities in modern times.This rarely gets the spotlight it deserves from Western media except for the Chibok incident a few years ago. We have these terrorist factions dedicated to blowing themselves and others up, beheading of people, blowing up planes, rape, torture, persecution of Christians, Jews as well as those from other Islamic sects. Why I ask do we not have Jewish terrorists or Hindu, or Buddhists etc? If it was a case of just evil people capable of committing evil acts, why then have we not seen these terrorist atrocitiesspread across a wider set of those representing other ideological beliefs or faiths? Not that I am in any way advocating this.

I can’t be politically correct about the way I see or feel about these things. I remainanguished by thehorrors of Manchester because it is yet another in the spate of terrorist incidents that has led to painful loss of life; as was the terrorist incident that happened in Westminster just a few months ago. We need to wake up and stop being diplomatic about evil.Causing offence is the last thing I wish to do but if the truth provokes so be it. What I care about is the fact that too many precious lives are being sent to an early grave by the destructive acts of a significant minority across our societies. Yes, the majority of Muslims do fall into the category of being peace loving but those who have become radicalized are nowsignificant enoughin their numbers to cause the kind of mayhem and destruction we have experienced for several years and which is on the increase on an almost weekly or monthly basis all across parts of Europe. For these reasons, each time I hear a politician or PM take the stand to condemn the callous and wicked act of a lone terrorist or group of then and then in the same breath rush to tell us how Islam is a religion of peace, I marvel. Have any of these people read the Quran to justify this assertion. I haven’t, at least not cover to cover but I have my doubts. I am Christian so I have my bias and I accept that, but I am more prepared to accept that Buddhism is a religion of peace than I am prepared to accept that Islam is one of peace yet I am no Buddhist. My deductions are based on the patterns of terrorist activities I observe each time these incidents are reported.

As a consultant analyst,I conduct all types of analysis for a living. I make reasoned deductions, evaluations and assessments from observed trends and patterns. So, I guess I could be forgiven for making some deductions about this particular matter.Anyway, why do we as a historically and traditionally Christian (if not practising) nation, stand to defend the values of another religion that is alien to us? How about our spineless politicians for a change defending the Christian heritage of this great country and our right as a nation to hold dear to these values in the face of provocation. How about us featuring courageous Christian leaders who stand up to speak for the nation instead of inviting yet another Muslim cleric to a TV studio to tell us how anguished they are about these acts and about how Islam is really a religion of peace but worry that we as a society need to do more to be inclusive. Really? Well, how much more inclusive do we need to be for Islam to endorse us? The UK is a Christian nation that unreservedly allows self-determined freedom to worship according to religious preference but we should not as a nation be grafting Islam into the British way of life and culture to the extent that it gradually becomes on par with Christianity as the official religion! What the heck! Then we worry and wonder about Islamic radicalism?

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