My Friend – ‘Inspiration’

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Where does inspiration come from?
It comes from within and from without
It comes from here, it comes from there
It comes from today and the dreams of tomorrow
My inspiration comes from pain and from joy
Suffering and my redemption
From the highs and the lows; mountain peaks and valleys so very low
From the things I see, the emotions I feel
From thoughts harboured that words alone refuse to convey, even though I verbalize
I speak, yet inspiration often keeps me silent; reticent
Inspiration comes.
From emptiness deep; from wholeness deeper
It comes from hope and a hope less full
It comes from life and death and more than so
Where is inspiration?
I don’t know that I know where
But I know it is everywhere
I seek it, I think it, I grab it
I yearn each day to live and to flourish by it
That I may die honouring it.

From ‘Poems of a Deep Kind’
by Kobi Emmanuella-King

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