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Just Being Kobi………In the Real Zone

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It is one thing to have noble convictions and principles and another thing to face up to the daily challenge of having to live by them.

I don’t know about you but I’m often surprised at how often I fail myself and my ‘fiercely’ guarded principles and convictions when I behave in a manner that falls short of the principles I profess or try to uphold. I discover that life’s experiences, its frustrations and setbacks often get in the way.

I realise in those moments that I have never been as weak as when I believe I am strong. If I expended as much time practising ‘soul-pruning’ and subjecting myself to the scrutiny of a cultivated conscience nurtured by worthy convictions as I spent judging and holding others to greater account for their own actions, I’d be a worthier human-being. I don’t say this to derogate myself or anyone. It’s a simple acknowledgement of a common human failing.

The problem is we’re less truthful with ourselves than we ought to be. I’ve become comfortable with the lies I tell myself and ultimately the subconscious lies I tell others. Therein lies the greatest deception. I call it: the lie of self, to self and by self.

The ability to always see ourselves more favourably than we see others. The inclination to judge others from our position of relative ‘strength’ to the relative ‘weakness’ of the other. It is this that inhibits self-growth and character development, keeps us smug and self-absorbed and undermines the ability to cultivate deep human empathy with a genuine understanding of the fallibility of human nature; mine and yours.

I must learn to be a more honest and transparent judge of myself than I am willing to be a somewhat harsher judge and critic of others. My heart must always strive to be anchored on kindness and rooted in the understanding that we all seek something greater than ourselves, something better than we presently know, and fulfilment that is beyond a fleeting experience of the here and now. In our varied and often random quests, we often stumble, fail and suffer from the setbacks of our ‘failures’ until we learn the subliminal lessons we were always intended to learn.

Some never learn; some more slowly than others but we are all on a quest of sorts even if we don’t sometimes realise that we are. It is through recognising this of each other that we can become kinder to ourselves and collectively transform society into a kinder place for both the weak and the strong to thrive and to flourish at their own pace.

Kobi Emmanuella-King
From ‘Conversations With My Soul Self ’

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