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It’s Not That Simple

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In the trench pit of despair, I dredged up hope
Quagmired in turmoil, I found clarity
In pain, I found solace
In nothingness I found something, Someone
In my crouching nakedness, I found cover
In the lie, I stumbled on truth
In hollowness, I found my depth
In the fickleness of it all, I found meaning
In life, I experienced death
In death, I will live.

I came to the conclusion
Life often presents a contrast between extremes
With much in between
Moderation can be the safeguard
To keep sanity from taking flight
In some things we are none the wiser
As we are none the better
Yet the blind sometimes see better than the sighted
The simpleton displays the prudence of a sage
Putting to shame the conceit of the brash
Folly keeps me humble
She deserves some accolade
For there is wisdom in her after all!

Life reconciles death
You live to die; ohh why?
And so on and so forth
Each day of life
Is a day of death, to something, to someone
It’s an oddity and a twisted irony
Yet in which true meaning is berthed
That few understand, neither I
All I can ask is why?
And my counter-brain replies why not?

Was I not born a conundrum?
So what did I expect?
Did Mystery not precede me?
Just as it will surely succeed me
I know nothing more
Than Mystery permits me to know of itself
That much I know, now that I know
So, in just these few lines
I give you life’s sombre enigma
Yet, it’s still just not that simple.

from ‘Poems of the Deep Kind’
by Kobi Emmanuella-King

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