Introducing Kate Bowes Renna!

It’s my absolute delight and privilege to introduce on my guest forum a very dear friend and mentor, Kate Bowes Renna! At this point you will probably be asking who is Kate Bowes Renna?


Well, Kate is a professional and classically trained actress who has played on huge stages such as the Old Vic, and has also been in well-known series such as Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge, Midsummer Murders and Peaky Blinders, and feature films such as Never Let Me Go with Keira Knightley, Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan. She combines her acting career with communications coaching.

Kate offers communications and confidence coaching services and works with a wide variety of clients, some of them quite impressive! Among a host of clients, Kate works regularly at Buckingham Palace with members of the Royal Household. So as Kate’s schedule tends to be very busy it has been a bit of a juggling act to get her to feature on my blog and I am very proud of my persuasion skills so far!

Being ever so proud of my Nigerian heritage, Kate has been introduced to Nigerian food and even Nigerian fashion. On a recent theatre outing that we thoroughly enjoyed, she wore an African print jumpsuit which she sported very well indeed. Kate has also sampled Nigerian cuisine and together with a few other friends we visited a Nigeran restaurant twice in a row where she enjoyed the famous jollof rice and plantain with stew and on another occasion also bravely sampled pounded yam with the meat- rich vegetable delicacy called Efo-riro! Interestingly, I and my Nigerian group of friends have regaled Kate with so many fun stories of Nigeria that she is really looking forward to visiting Nigeria once something can be arranged.

Kate has an upcoming show in the London’s West End in which she will be performing in a one man (or should I say one woman) production. The show is a satirical comedy titled ‘All Hell Toupee’ and has already attracted glowing reviews from ‘Time Out’ magazine and ‘The Independent’. The show has been written by Kate and directed by Jeremy Stockwell. ‘All Hell Toupee’ will have a three night run at the Leicester Square Theatre in London’s West End, from 3rd to 5th July @ 7pm each evening.

Kate and I recently met up for coffee in the lovely suburbs of London’s Primrose Hill and as we’ve done on previous occasions, we engaged in interestingly indepth discussions on topical issues of politics, faith and of course girly stuff! Well, I seized the opportunity to ask Kate a few questions about her work. Below is a brief excerpt of some of our conversation. I look forward to being able to interview and perhaps even collaborate with Kate hopefully in the not too distant future when she might have a bit more time to spare.

Kate is married to her wonderful Italian hubby Davide who happens to have great culinary skills! They have two lovely teenagers, and an absolutely adorable dog called Elsa.

Kate Bowes Renna – In her own words!

Question: Kate, I know that we’ve already discussed this umpteen times previously but in your own words please explain what you do for a living?

Kate: I am a classically trained actor, but I love using my skills not only to perform but also to coach in communication skills. My particular passion is helping people to feel at their best even when under pressure!

Question: What sort of clients do you work with?

Kate: I work across the private and public sectors, from facilitating listening skills with the Ministry of Defence, to working with banks, construction companies, lawyers, architects, insurance companies, the NHS, and the Royal Household.

Question: What sort of ways do you work or engage with your clients.

Kate: I work in groups or one-to-ones, using a range of different techniques, some quick-fix, others slow drip. Role play can be effective, and also with larger groups Forum Theatre.

Question: What sort of age groups do you work with?

Kate: In the corporate world, I work with all working ages, but I also coach young people, my youngest client being six!

Question: How do you interact with your clients e.g face-to-face, online, etc?

Kate: I prefer to coach face to face, but have had clients who live abroad and so have coached via Skype as well.

Question: What are your typical fees?

Kate: I usually charge £80-100 per hour.

Question: How can you be reached?

Kate: My email is:
           My contact number: + 44 7989 747338.