I’m Trump-fed up already!

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Well almost. Almost nothing this control freak, noxious president does any longer would surprise me except if he were to run starkers around the White House waving his underwear in the air. I am still trying rather unsuccessfully to find something genuinely positive and likeable about Trump; even trying to convince myself that he should be felt sorry for but I am not there yet. Sadly, the fact remains that however low he seems to stoop there are still those who will rise to his defence, trying to rationalise the irrationality and vindictive pettiness of this man that seems to be his definite hallmark. 

The recent sacking of former FBI director James Comey and the manner and timing of it only serves to heighten suspicion of potential collusion between Trump’s campaign team and Russian officials. Of course nothing as yet has been proven and personally I don’t care a toss whether or not Trump or members of his campaign team had ‘illicit’ dealings with Russia in the lead up to the US elections. As far as I am concerned, this is inconsequential by comparison with other world issues of grave concern. But the fact that someone with the kind of unhinged (I use the word very loosely as I am no expert) temperament that Trump has repeatedly displayed, was ever allowed to grace the doorsteps of the White House beggars belief.

Whatever axe one may have wished to grind with James Comey regarding his handling of the Hilary Clinton email issue in the lead up to the elections, this was a man whose service and dedication to his country was never called to question so I simply can’t get over the fact that Trump on American national TV referred to Coney as a ‘showboater’ and ‘grandstander’. This on top of the fact that he lacked the basic decency to relieve Comey of his position with the regard and due consideration that would have been expected from a president and for a role as high profile as that of FBI Director. This president seems simply incapable of being presidential in anything he does. 

As for many of the evangelical Christians who were ready to go up in arms with me on social media on the strength of some divine conviction that Trump was chosen by God to redeem America from the influence of an anti-Christ accursed president Obama, I shudder at the hypocrisy and double standards on display here. Each person is entitled to their views and opinions and I cherish that freedom to exercise the right to an opinion, however much it might be at odds with what is considered the norm. I simply don’t care about norms that infringe on my right to self-determine and to hold my conviction. The only norms I cherish are those of decency and to treat others in that same vein. 

I scoff at the hypocrisy exhibited by those who preach and carp on about the standards of behaviour we should all aspire to but then go on to endorse the very person who seems genetically incapable of upholding the least standards of sane behaviour. So this has been my beef with some of my evangelical compatriots who in their desperation to despise everything about the Obama and Hilary duo, were frenzied enough to endorse someone who seemed more demon-possessed than the ‘demons’ they were trying to exorcise from Washington in not endorsing Hilary Clinton for president! All this on the pretext of Hilary’s alleged culpability over the email saga, yet right before our eyes, Trump waltzed his way into the White House with con talk, evasion, two-forked promises and not a tax record in sight that all through the heat of the campaign he kept promising he would release, yet never did.

When he finally became president, within a few weeks he got one of his shady spokespersons to brazenly announce that his tax returns would not be released after all! There’s a surprise. The scenario being played out for all the world to observe is that of American democracy morphing right before our eyes into some sort of ‘pseudo- Orwellian’ political system where the more you look the less you see, the more you question the legitimacy of certain conduct and rationale of people in positions of power and high office the more your concerns get waived away with defensive counter accusations until one begins to question ones’ own sanity rather than that of the president which is exactly what Trump wants and which he will soon have all of us who are still trying to preserve the little bit of sanity we’ve got left, doing!  

In the very early days, I was intrigued by the brash and unapologetic Trump, believing that America and the world for that matter could do with a world leader who was brave enough to shun political correctness. I personally have had enough of political correctness to last me an eternity and sick to my teeth of the political correct brigade of people scattered all over society and across the domain of politics who want to dictate with their high intellect and hog wash talk, how others should think and what they should or shouldn’t believe. So it was in this vein that I initially regarded Trump as a breath of much needed fresh air.  However, political non-correctness is not intended to be synonymous with being petty, self-absorbed, rude, vindictive, callous, unkind and the like. Much of which Trump seemed to reflect during his campaign and certainly still does now that he is president. 

So, it wasn’t long after I witnessed several incidents of Trump at his most uncharming and uncharitable that I decided that the character of this man in my estimation was simply not fit for the high and noble office of President, successful billionaire or not. That he eventually went on to become President says very much about the American socio-cultural psyche and the very subjective tendencies of our human rationalisations. Perhaps, it will all pay off and at the end of Trump’s tenure America and perhaps even the world may be all the better for a President Trump. We’ll see!

So, back to my beef with my many comrades of the faith I do consider myself an evangelical Christian (albeit a many times fallen and many times risen one) but my evangelical views are not always mainstream and don’t need to be because I am not shaped by mainstream thinking necessarily but either my biblical convictions in keeping with my evangelical roots or by the convictions of conscience however unfashionable or outmoded these may be.  I never bought into the mindset that Trump was a modern-day Messiah for America and though I actually saw his point of view on a number of politically sensitive and economic issues of concern and actually did agree with his stand on some of them, I came to the conclusion that he simply didn’t possess the character and quality of temperament to discharge these difficult decisions with the political dexterity and pragmatism required in these volatile times.

The same way that you don’t entrust a gun or knife to someone mentally unstable however well-presented is the same way America for the sake of its political integrity had no business electing Trump to the office he now occupies however much his campaign rhetoric might have appealed to those who were desperate for change. An unstable man is incapable of delivering the change hoped for except of course a change for the worse or perhaps for the calamitous. On the contrary, listening to Trump and observing his verbal antics and general conduct throughout his campaign only served to strengthen my belief that Trump could possibly have been thrust on the American people to bring ridicule and to heap scorn on their long-held traditions and values of democracy and rule of law. Or even perhaps be the one destined to bring mankind to the precipice of extinction by his egomaniacal desire to flex the political muscles of might and power at the slightest provocation and with the least insight or wisdom.   

A bit far-fetched perhaps but you never know in these end times. God might just be looking for a way to end this whole creative phenomenon called mankind and the ‘ignobility’ of our existence depending on how one looks at the depraved state of the world today. Trump might just be God’s man for the job after all. With Russian dictator Putin at one end, Kim Jung Un at the other and of course our very own Trump, the world is in quite a precarious state with leaders whose combined egos is enough to serve every single human-being on the planet a second helping of ego were this to be dished out as a culinary delight of sorts. All we need is another Hitler reincarnation and the world will have all it needs to self-destruct.

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