I’m Trump-fed up already!

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Soberingly, the troubles and afflictions of the world can never be resolved by leaders with egos bigger than even heaven can accommodate so I never got impressed with Trump’s bluster and his catalogue of promises and boastings about saving America from doom and gloom (they so easily forgot the depths to which America sank in the aftermath of the Bush regime and the global recession. If anything, America needs saving from Trump if his presidential (or should I say unpresidential) unruliness to date is anything to go by.  The one who promised to ‘drain the swamp has in just over 100 days of his presidency himself becoming a bigger swamp and political liability than the swamp he vowed to drain. His infantile behaviour on display on almost a daily basis.

I do believe God does have a sense of humour. A country like America noted throughout its political  history for preaching and pontificating to other ‘lesser mortal’ nations on the values of decency, democracy  and human rights, has chosen a president who in almost every way seems to deride these same values at whim when put to the test. So much for invading other countries, murdering and killing innocent lives in the name of democracy and wanting to impose on such nations an export of American democracy that invariably ends up with these governments being political puppets and stooges to America.  Donald Trump acts, talks and reasons like a dictator in waiting. 

So, he well might be God’s choice (am I so sceptical!) but not before he inches America or even the world, closer to a 3rd world conflict. In which case, the economic prosperity he has promised to deliver to America would be of scant relevance then no doubt. We will all be scampering for cover to protect our dear lives. The longer this president’s excesses, violations, lies and kindergarten-style tantrums continue to be condoned, the more the American political system is parodied and put to further cringing disgrace. By the way, can’t Twitter just do us all a favour and ban president Trump from holding a twitter account? Otherwise I fear that this tweet-happy president will one day inform us by one of his silly tweets that he has triggered doomsday Armageddon caused by his political immaturity and irascibility. Heaven help!

Whether or not Trump and his campaign team had any suspicious dealings with Russia is not the issue for me. Neither is it a case of one incident in isolation but a whole spectrum of the numerous occasions where Trump has spoken, acted, and tweeted out of line; to the extent that one does wonder at what might be going on in his head. He may after all not be unhinged in the slightest but he does make me wonder! Unhinged behaviour is not and never has been the sole preserve of us ordinary folks. Millionaires and billionaires are not themselves exempt. The only difference is that when it happens to them, it is described in more deferential terms like being an‘eccentric’. Trump certainly fits that description and even worse because in his case he presents a potential danger to world peace and stability for as long as his very alarming inability to restrain himself and to conduct himself with presidential decorum continues to be indulged. I may end up being pleasantly surprised at the end of his four or eight year tenure. In which case I’ll simply admit I got it wrong and find another hapless president to focus my attention on.

Finally, when I see how far Donald Trump already has and continues to drag the American political system into the mud with his unstoppable egomania and his incompetence, I muse over what would have been the reaction from the American populace and its politicians had all the behaviour and conduct exhibited by Trump been from a black president. Learning on the job is what Trump’s supporters give as a defence. That may well be so and I would be more inclined to accept this defence if I genuinely believed that the same consideration and excuse would also have been extended to a black president if he displayed even half of what and how Trump has displayed this far.

I think I know the answer to that one. So does America and Trump’s dogged supporters. In the allegorical fashion of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, we unfortunately live in a world in which political correctness dictates to us that all races are equal but the reality we face each day presents us with a different ‘truth’; that some races are more equal than others. Well, a sobering realisation this might be but it only makes me prouder to be black. I wear the scars of racial injustice and denigration with no bitterness, just pride and with head held up. Let those who want to be equal, be equal. Its normal and its their entitlement.  I gave up on that desire a lifetime ago. Instead I settle for being just unique, so should you.

For now, Trump is president and on the last leg of his nine day trip to several countries notably Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican. He has finally come face to face with the Pope who in the past he has had a few twitter spats with. News reports indicate that the meeting with the Pope went well with no apparent gaffes. Maybe the redemption of Trump is on queue. We will just have to wait and see!

Till my next blog……:)  

Kobi Emmanuella-King


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