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How to Prepare for the Event; The Likes of Which the World Has Never Seen Before!

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It would appear we need to start preparing for nuclear Armageddon ‘the likes of which the world has never seen before’ according to President Trump. It was inevitable that sooner or later the world would be locked into some sort of dangerous stalemate. I hate to have to beat the Trump drum again but that’s why I have my website, to express my exasperation when I legally can’t just clobber someone on the head with a mouthful.

Perhaps this is what the world needs; a tough talking, tough acting President whose ego is so gigantic he does not seem to care that his every twitch can throw the globe into anarchy, chaos and a dreaded third world war. Am I exaggerating the situation? Perhaps, but I truly believe that the longer President Trump remains in office the greater the risk that the world will be dragged in to the very thing he has promised: something of the likes of which the world has never seen before. Really? Does the word really need to see what it has never seen before. Haven’t we seen enough already? Hasn’t the world been through enough to date? Do we need the most politically powerful man in the world to tell us that there could be worse to come, simply because he feels bound to outwit Kim Jong Un? Does a sane person see a mad man on the streets and venture to go to war with him?

So, this is the situation that the world now finds itself in. Barely eight months into his presidency, the world already plagued with more than enough crises than it can handle is being dragged kicking and screaming into a potential conflict between two nations headed by leaders with more ego, arrogance and madness than common sense. For all those Trump supporters out there, I’m sorry to sound so disrespectful to the good old president of the US of A; but when it gets to the point where he openly bleats about unleashing military Armageddon that could have far reaching consequences on vast swathes of national populations, I can’t help but vent my spleen at the height of such irresponsibility. What about Kim Jong Un you may ask? Well my ire is directed more towards President Trump who at 70 years of age should demonstrate more restraint than his Teletubby counterpart of 27 yrs of age or thereabouts. Why on earth is President Trump even wasting his breath issuing threats to a mad man. The only reason why he does this is because he is just as mad. Yes, I said it!

If this wasn’t so potentially serious it would be laughable. Of all people, it had to be these two clearly temperamentally challenged men who would happen to be the ones who possess the nuclear capability to wreak considerable havoc across regions of the world. Silly of me, but I sometimes ponder that perhaps God has finally got the world where He wants it. Payback time for all the evil we exhibit towards each other. The punishment being that He has handed us all over to be annihilated by one of our very own – yes you guessed right; Trump with the ego of Lucifer and Kim Jong Un with the rabid lunacy of the now deceased and infamous President Idi Amin of Uganda. This would be the perfect exemplification of man’s own inhumanity to man; not God’s. If God were to Himself obliterate us from the face of the earth we would as usual blame him. So, who better to permit the ego trip of a lifetime to these two unstable characters, both possessing a combined ego as gargantuan as the size of the universe, to back themselves into a political stand-off where outright war became the only option. Why on earth would a president issue threats about taking military retaliation the scale of which the world has never before seen. What does that even mean and how does that reinforce world stability which surely his job as president of the most powerful nation in the world should be to maintain. The world is trapped between a rock and a hard place; caught up in the political ping-pong between US and North Korean egoism and self-conceit.

As for me, now is the time to know Jesus like never before, lest as President Trump threatens, the likes of what the world has never seen before blitzes us into oblivion; courtesy of the North Korean despot Kim Jong Un and ‘mad balls’ President Trump! This fading grandfather of a President thinks that the best way to show America’s greatness is to trade insults and engage in verbal spats with the Tele-tubbyish dictator from N.Korea who is young enough to be his son and who is himself mentally unsettled and unsettling. Instead of spewing out threats like a volcano on steroids, why for heaven’s sake can’t President Trump borrow a leaf from the very man he loves to hate, President Obama. In the face of North Korea’s maniacal provocation, can President Trump not simply learn to exercise the discipline of maintaining sealed lips, ignore N.Korea’s provocations and then surprise N.Korea and the world with a pre-emptive attack on the despot, just like Obama ‘the Bin Laden slayer’ did with Osama Bin Laden? Alternatively, with the cooperation of regional allies, President Trump could attempt to keep the potentially inflammatory situation at bay by extending diplomatic overtures to N.Korea and dealing with them pretty much the same way one would approach eating with the devil but doing so with the long spoon of diplomatic subterfuge.

But no, President Trump won’t do any of this as he would rather sacrifice world peace and stability to save face and to indulge his insatiable ego. He perhaps thinks he is playing casino games where he can gamble with the lives of millions of people simply because he needs to prove he can outwit Kim Jong Un. He probably can but at what cost? And is that cost worth paying? This Trump-etting noise maker of a President is going to inch this world closer to the precipice of a world or regional conflict simply because his ego can’t withstand the taunts and provocation from a mercurial and dangerously insane dictator who happens to have a chubby face and a comically rotund body frame. Then I guess at the point where we will have become irreversibly embroiled in some convoluted geo-political nuclear conflict that has no solution in sight; Trump will probably take off in a jet and be supersonically whisked off to Mars where he probably has a Trump Tower, a golf course, casino and a beauty pageant all awaiting him there.

How on earth did our world come to this? I guess the answer lies in the very question itself. It came to ‘this’ here on earth. The leaders with the worst kinds of reactive temperaments and arguably not quite sound in the head, end up being the ones with access to nuclear might and capability. We haven’t even considered Iran in this equation. This brewing threat feels worse than even ISIS. All I can pray is for God to deliver us from these extremes of madness; reflected in the demon possessed dictator of N. Korea, the sweeping arrogance and misguided pugnacity of a politically naïve President who (thanks mainly to both the overt as well as subliminally racist agenda of segments of the American voters) now occupies an office that is clearly beyond his mental and intellectual merit or pay grade. No snobbery intended!

As for me, I am shortly going to get myself a nuclear survival kit, burrow myself into a rabbit hole and hibernate there until President Trump is abducted either by Russian aliens, UFOs or both.

Kobi Emmanuella-King

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