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Celine Akigwe

I first met Celine Akigwe a few months ago at a business networking event and we immediately became acquainted by way of introduction. I was immediately intrigued when she told me about her UmojApp creation and the concept behind it. I had never heard anything quite like it and for me sounded like genius! I was also greatly impressed and proud to learn that not only was she Nigerian but also from the same indigenous tribe as myself – the Ibo tribe which happens to be one of the three major tribes that comprise Nigeria. Of course, I am not one for tribal sentiments particularly in a country like Nigeria where so much of what is wrong with our socio-political psyche is often dictated and driven by tribal sentiments or considerations. However, in the spirit of Ibo sisterhood, I could not help but be immensely proud of what this amazing and inspired lady had achieved through her UmojApp creation and the vision behind it. I have continued to engage with Celine since then and I hold the greatest respect and admiration for her amazing talents and breadth of knowledge.  

Celine Akigwe

Celine Akigwe  – Biography

Celine Akigwe is the Founder of Afristoricals Ltd and Creator of UmojApp.  Afristoricals offers a range of events and products that go beyond the standard run-of-the-mill education and marketing tools – like UmojApp!

Celine is also a much sought after speaker and presenter and since 2003, Celine has been educating and promoting the vast and amazing history of the world and humanity from an African perspective. She has had a varied professional career ranging from celebrity fundraising activities with Mel B of the Spice Girls, to working on the first film and television awards ceremony for black filmmakers in the UK, the BFM Film & TV Awards (now known as Screen Nation Film & Television Awards).

UmojApp takes its name from the Swahili word “Umoja”, which means “Unity”, and the purple logo is the Umoja symbol of unity.  The colour purple signifies the royal essence of all people of African descent, as we are direct descendants of the first humans on earth who were also the inventors of civilization.

Considering all there still is to discover and learn about black history presents real challenges in itself. We must develop and recognise appropriate avenues for learning about indigenous black history and cultures which through education, African medical science and spirituality we can adopt as a weapon for confronting institutionalised racism, ignorance and the white supremacist nuances that subtly but regularly inform our social and educational journeys and experience.

Introducing UmojApp! UmojaApp makes it easy for you to learn and discover more about black history by sending notifications to your phone that teach about colourful black history and the many achievements of black historical figures. In Western and many other societies where the teaching of authentic black history is non-existent; and as a result of which we have a breed of young black men and women who have little or no grasp of black history or its heritage. Well, UmojApp helps address this gap and offers the opportunity to informatively re-engage people with their black history heritage. In this way we become better equipped advocates and champions of our black history and indigenous heritage in the face of constant dismissal of its significance and relevance within the context of world history and ancient civilizations.

Be better informed! Download UmojApp now and join the African Revolution! To find out more visit:

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