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    Living My Blackness

    I am black, I am proud. I’ve got to say it out loud!I am more than just a colour, I’m not just a shade or a hueMy blackness is my statement The totality of my mental, spiritual and emotive consciousness My black is entangled in chains of cruel history...

  • Personal

    Ode to The One We Lost

    As a meteor you were.A genius the world lost before it grasped your worth.One minute you were; the next you were no more. So full of life yet in an instant stung by death’s cruel sting. I will never comprehend. Knowing this makes me want to live out my...

  • My Thoughts


    It is sometimes said that evil thrives not because of the evil that evil people do per se but because good people do nothing. The concept of society is an age old construct, probably as old as the advent of mankind. Societal dynamics have evolved over centuries into various...

  • Inspirational

    Speak your Truth

    Yes indeed. Speak your truth quietly and clearly but listen to others too; even to the so-called dull and the ignorant for they too have their own story. I love those words, and they come from a piece which has line after line of powerful words. The piece is...

  • My Thoughts

    Deception’s Naked Truth

    You can’t formulate truth from a pack of lies and claim it to be truthTruth weeps at her violationShe has no voice and few stand brave enough to champion her causeTruth needs no guard, indeed she thrives on her unguarded voiceLeave Truth be I say! For, tell me, what...

  • Political

    The President and the Porn Star

    Sounds like the title of the next blockbuster movie or bestseller. You wouldn’t think to associate this headline with our very own Donald. Well, maybe you would. After all it’s not as if much about this beloved or beleaguered President’s behaviour and temperament (depending on which of the polarized...

  • My Thoughts

    Hell No! Not Me Too!

    It’s been a while since my last blog post on the site and I must admit I have missed putting pen to paper to write my pennies worth on some of the more topical issues of the day. It’s been a struggle to find the time and even the...

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    My Thoughts

    My Sunday Best

    All I am is YoursAll I was is YoursAll I ever will be is YoursIf I am draped in robes of richest splendour, I am YoursIf I am clad in rags of wretchedness and utter despair, I am still YoursAll I know and ever want to know;That I am...

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