About Me

unspecifiedHi dear friend,

Welcome to my online corner and thanks for stopping by. I do hope that you will spend a little time acquainting yourself with the site and its ethos. I am still working on aspects of this and with my team we will be making further improvements and updates over the course of time so do watch out for updates. This has been and remains for me a journey of sorts. One which you will hopefully understand better as you read further so let me tell a little about me, why and how I got here!

I am British-Nigerian and have lived in London for most of my life though I spent most of my growing up years in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. I have had a rather intriguing and somewhat chequered life punctuated by momentous and not so momentous events. My life experiences have served to inform my world-view, shape my perceptions and molded my inspirations. 

For the past nineteen years and some, I have worked as a freelance senior management/business strategy consultant. These are rather high-flutintitles for the variety of roles I have held over the years in assignments with the wide range of corporate clients I have worked for.I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed the amazing exposure and opportunities that my assignments offered me and in the course of my career span I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most intellectually gifted professionals and colleagues this country has to offer.I would like to think that in some way some of this might have rubbed off on me and made me all the better for it. Maybe not so much as I would like!

Life for me has been a rich tapestry and blend of complex experiences which tends to be the case for most people really with the difference being that not everyone bothers to actually write about their individual experiences. Rather, people tend to share their experiences with each other in a more anecdotal and spontaneous fashion.So, in that context there is no novelty in sharing my experience of life as I have known it thus far. Everyone experiences life, whether good or bad! Writing about things constitutes an integral part of my make-up and how I approach my views on anything. Why talk when you can write is what I would say. I’ve just been too lazy to do anything with the reams and reams of stuff I’ve jotted down over the years, some quite nonsensical I can tell you. Give me a pen and I will write about something! I don’t necessarily write with finesse though I have had to cultivate this in my role as a freelance consultant. I find writing very cathartic and liberating and it gives me the spaces need to be myself and freed from the shackles of often needless conformism we allow others impose upon us or that indeed we impose on ourselves.

So, my ‘ebb’ and ‘flow’ life experiences have culminated in a rather ‘exchequer’ journey of philosophical evolution and transformation which continue to influence-my personal aspirations and vision.Vision at this point for me is a journey still very much in progress and like many other aspects of life, remains fraught with the uncertainties and unpredictability of not quite knowing the ‘what next’ even when one consciously embarks on what one thinks should be the ‘what next’– if this makes sense? Vision for me is not necessarily always about accomplishment of tangible goals as such (though it can be that too). For me it is the pursuit of a more holistic and evolved attitude of being and the wholeness that emanates from the process of journeying towards those aspirations. So, I couldn’t possibly narrate in one instance, the build-up of this thought process and the formative experiences leading to it. I’ll commence my chronology using this forum but in typical chequered fashion starting with the precipitous events that got me to this point. The earlier narratives will come later in my subsequent blog updates. Anyway, so here we are. I think I digressed a bit but at least it sets the context for the rest of the story about how I got to this point and why.

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