About Kobi (the summary)

By profession Kobi Emmanuella-King is a UK-based senior strategy and management consultant analyst with over 19 years experience working across several industry-specific areas and with high profile organisations in govt, financial services, pharmaceuticals, legal, police, local authority, national health service,  nuclear power, energy and utilities sectors.


Kobi’s exposure working and leading on some of the most commercially and politically sensitive transformation programmes in the UK over the last 19 years gives her strong and impressive transferable skill sets with strategic insight crossing a wide range of commercial business domains. She specialises in helping to shape, develop and design organisational vision and to support the driving of all subset activities emanating from that within the context of either project or transformation programme delivery. 

In terms of non-career interests, Kobi is a keen life enthusiast and mentor whose life insights have been shaped by her extraordinary life journey and experience at various stages of her life path to date.  Combined with her professional knowledge and exposure, Kobi chose to utilize her unique breadth and scope by channelling her skills towards personal development, self improvement and life mentoring niches. She has now veered out in this direction as an Accountability Coach working with individuals, groups and corporate clients to hold them accountable to their goals using structured and facilitative methods. Kobi discovered that it often helps to work with a 3rd party to help set and actualize critical goals through well structured action plans and personal goal achievement roadmaps etc. Kobi recently set up www.kobiemmanuella-king.com to further expand on this theme. Work with the site is still taking shape and will evolve to reflect these aspects.

Within this context, Kobi has also developed a concept model which focuses on helping to take individuals through the process of deliberate and conscious identification of their life passion and purpose, and the vision that emanates from this. Passion, Purpose and Vision (otherwise known as PPV) are conceptual elements that help define and determine how we authenticate our life footprints. As a consequence of her own life journey and challenging life experiences, Kobi ardently champions and encourages the ability to embrace life with conscious insight and understanding of one’s individual ‘PPV’ as a path to achieving true fulfilment of individual calling and purpose. We are not born to stumble on through life, but to live it in a way that truly gives expression to our worth, value and relevance as unique individuals; each with our sense of idiosyncratic purpose. 

As part of this, Kobi is devoted to helping people identify these three core elements that have great power to transformatively impact on the psychology of a dormant mindset and to eradicate self-limiting belief; something that Kobi herself has struggled with in the past and has to consciously overcome on an almost daily basis. Kobi is a prolific online blogger and has authored several online articles and eBooks. She is also the author of the Goal Setting to Live a Life of Freedom which is a self development and personal goal setting programme. Kobi is currently reworking this to turn it into a practical coaching programme. Details of the coaching programme will be released once completed but the product itself can be accessed at www.kobiemmanuella-king.com. For further enquiries, Kobi can be contacted at info@kobiemmanuella-king.com 

Kobi is also an avid holistic health advocate and founder of the recently set up site www.HolisticHealthRocks.com. This is an evolving blog site focused on providing a wide range  of  information on holistic health and well-being topics. At the moment Kobi produces all the sites content which can be quite time consuming but in the very near future, the site will also start featuring different holistic health experts in their areas of expertise. The site will soon also be offering product and service reviews that readers could benefit from.