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A Blind Kind of Love

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Some say love is blind. Perhaps so
I want to be blinded by the love that can see
See beyond the unspoken and beneath the gloss
Blinded by a love that sees the hurt
Love that feels the pain and cherishes the hope that love nurtures.

I want to be blind enough with my eyes
That I may learn to rely on the eyes of my heart
Be guided by a heart whose eyes do not see only what it sees or chooses to see;
Conflict, differences, divisions and strife
Self-induced by the fear of what really? Well, you tell me.

I want to be blinded by love that feels with its eyes
Can absorb your pain as you do mine
Can seek for your good as I hope you do mine
From one heart to another
Your heart and mine
Beating in diverse unison
Expressing the language of a common humanity.

The kind of love my heart cannot divorce. For how so?
Indeed our every heart beat is sustained by love
I know no other way to live than to live loving you and loving me
I don’t know you and you don’t know me
But our hearts know each other, surely
For the eyes of the heart can see beyond and afar
To reach, to embrace and to love
Beyond boundaries of the familiar and of the known
To the adversary, to the foe and to the unknown.

It’s the learning of a lifetime
A journey that emanated from eternity
This kind of love, I ponder in wonder
I remain it’s humble protégé; ever in awe
For the more I can love, the less I am ill-willed or ill-minded
The less I can hate
This makes stoic sense to me in a senseless world
So each day, I learn to choose
To choose the way to live blinded
Blinded by the kind of love that will only see blindly.

by Kobi Emmanuella-King
From ‘Conversations with My Soul Self’

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