Magic of “A”

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1. Attitude.

In fact I got the idea of the 4 magic words from an audio programme from Earl Nightingale, called ‘Lead the Field’. I first listened to it very many years ago.  He calls attitude the magic word, and it’s as good a starting point as any. 

Actually, it is the starting point, because your attitude will dictate your actions, and the actions will shape your results. If your attitude stays the same, so will the actions, and so will the results!

To change the results, the actions need to change, and that needs a change in attitude.

I look at attitude in 2 ways when it comes to personal development and goal achievement and they concern the attitude of Belief…

The first attitude is that you need to believe the goal will happen. Not might happen, not could happen, but WILL happen. If you don’t believe it will happen, then your brain won’t be fully ‘signed up’ to your actions, and that will be reflected in your actions. Of course the opposite is equally true, once you genuinely believe your goal can and will happen, your brain lets you act accordingly, possibly even surprising yourself!

The second attitude is that you must believe you are worthy of the goal. I’ll be honest, that’s a deeper subject than the scope of this article allows, because it requires delving into why you may currently not believe you are worthy and this takes in factors like social/peer pressure, childhood experiences, family dynamics, self esteem and so on.  I’m sure you’ll see though, how not having this belief of being worthy will stop you dead, hinder and demoralise you even, but developing this belief will set you up and running.

2. Ask.

I’m amazed at how many people say they can’t do this or they can’t do that, simply because they don’t know how! To me it seems simple, you just ask! If you don’t know how to do something, well of course you could just give up, but why can’t you just ask! The chances of you being the first to try whatever you’re trying, is miniscule at best, pretty much impossible. The information will be out there, and especially in today’s world, easier to find than it ever has been.

Once you ask for help, or ask for advice, it doesn’t mean you are obliged to act on the advice, but boy oh boy, asking opens up a door information and assistance.

There’s also the added benefit that asking will more often than not produce more than you bargained for, because people as a rule like to help, so as well as getting the answer you wanted, you’ll probably get extra help/info along the way.

Are there people that don’t want to help? Of course, but if you ask and they don’t help, it’s only cost you the effort of asking, and you won’t know who will help and who won’t by asking! Be careful not to make assumptions about people not helping you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised many times once you develop this habit.

3. Action.

Once you have the right attitude, and asked for help and information about how to do something, the next step is, well, to start doing it! You can have the road maps to your goals set out completely in front of you, but you won’t get anywhere unless you fire up the engine and get on with it!  It may sound obvious, but it needs saying because it’s the step that sees so many people fall down, by not taking it!

Again, it’s a subject I’m only skimming here, I cover it many times elsewhere, but the main reason for not taking the first step is fear, mainly fear of failure, but just as it’s true that asking people can pleasantly surprise you, so can taking the first step, which is almost always nothing like as scary or hard as you set yourself up to believe. 

4. Abracadabra.

Ok, that one’s a little joke. Abracadabra, magic word?

So, Attitude, Ask, Action and Abracadabra!) – words that can genuinely transform your life if you take them fully on board, soak up the concepts and decide to let the magic of the words take you forwards. 

Well that’s it for now. In my next write up, I ‘ll be touching briefly on goals and whether our goals are actually ours or whether they’re someone else’s. Hmm! Some food for thought. Let me know what you think. As ever, I love the feedback!  


Don’t just be yourself, be your best self!

Kobi Emmanuella-King

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